The Magic School Bus

The Magic School Bus
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A classroom taught by Ms. Valerie Frizzle is always fun and exciting. The colorful teacher owns a Magic School Bus which can transform into different things like a spaceship, a battery, or even an alligator! These things can help Ms. Frizzle with visual teaching methods as she reveals information about anything in science. The students include Carlos, Phoebe, Keesha, Dorothy Ann, Tim, Ralphie, Arnold, and Wanda.
Originally, The Magic School Bus aired on PBS. But when production ceased after four years, The Magic School Bus's run on PBS ended with it.

Título original The Magic School Bus
Año: 1994
Género: Animación
Director: Joanna Cole Bruce Degen
Elenco: Daniel DeSanto, Stuart Stone, Erica Luttrell, Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Dan Tamberelli, Lily Tomlin, Frank Welker, Whoopi Goldberg, Susan Blu, Edward James Olmos, Andre Ottley-Lorant.
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